The Bolliger Effect: Fine Music’s Artist in Residence

Capture.PNGAustralian flautist Bridget Bolliger has been championing the flute and the wonderful array of music written for it since she was very young. She is currently recording some works for broadcast at Fine Music studios (where she is currently an Artist in Residence). These include Gaubert’s Trio for Flute Piano
and Cello, as well as Debussy’s iconic solo flute piece Syrinx and Australian works, which will be broadcast on Fine Music.

As Fine Music’s 2016 Artist-in-Residence, Bolliger hopes to record more Australian compositions: “I believe I could achieve a lot with the support of Fine Music. My artistic goal is, as always, to inspire and educate the next generation of musicians and music lovers”. In 2014 Bolliger recorded Dancing Shadows: The Music of Miriam Hyde for Flute and Piano with pianist Andrew West. She has become a supporter of these works, which are now starting to become part of the standard flute repertoire. “They are wonderful pieces. You can’t hide in them when you play them as you are so exposed and they require you to be a good artist in order to play them well,” says Bolliger.

In August Bolliger is once again teaming up with pianist Andrew West to perform at the iconic Utzon Room with a program that includes J.S Bach’s Flute Sonata in E Major. “We love playing Bach together,” says Bolliger. Also included is Australian composer Paul Stanhope’s phoSpheric Variations and Carl Vines’ Flute Sonata, as well as selected works for flute and piano by Miriam Hyde and Frank Martin’s Ballade.

“I feel it is my duty not only to play the great works of the flute repertoire but also to showcase the great Australian works for flute alongside these as well as in their own right,” says Bolliger, adding that she is also presenting Stanhope’s work at the Townsville Chamber Music Festival.

“I am excited to play this work by Paul Stanhope and I hope that he will be inspired to write more works for flute,” she says.

With a busy performance schedule head, Bolliger will be undertaking further recordings at Fine Music studios, for broadcast, with clarinettist Dimitri Ashkenazy, including Miriam Hyde’s Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano and new works by her brother, Phillip Bolliger, for guitar and piano, which will also be presented in a program called The Bolliger Effect in this year’s Sydney Chamber Music Festival.

-Samuel Cottell

This article appeared in the August edition of Fine Music Magazine – you can subscribe to our monthly magazine and have it posted to your home or business or click the link here to read online.

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