Capture.JPGOn Sunday 31 July, Fine Music 102.5 will present Fine Music Live from the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith, a free concert for the people of Sydney.

A talented gathering of musicians and ensembles have been specially curated for the occasion and will cover a range of styles and genres that reflect the diversity of the music played on Fine Music 102.5. The top-class performers booked to appear on the day include The Great Gatsby Orchestra (10-piece jazz group); Rebecca Gill Duo (violin and piano) Fine Music’s current Kruger Scholarship recipient; Acacia Quartet (string quartet); Sydney Symphony Fellows (orchestra); The Idea of North (Aria award winning a cappella group); and Gerard Willems (concert pianist).

Leader of The Great Gatsby Orchestra, Geoff Power, tells Fine Music magazine: “It’s a great opportunity for us to perform at one of Sydney’s finest venues, and we are proud to be associated with Fine Music.

“To the best of my knowledge, we are the only group in Sydney currently playing this repertoire (hot jazz and dance orchestra music from the 1920s), and all the more unique as the average age of the group is 20.”

At Live from the Joan, The Great Gatsby will play music by Duke Ellington from The Cotton Club, an Australian composition, a novelty song of the era and some San Francisco-style jazz.

“We believe Fine Music to be synonymous with the best in music… and a joy to work with, and we are very grateful for the opportunities they have given us,” said Power.

Capture.JPGAccomplished concert pianist and Associate Professor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Gerard Willems will perform Chopin’s Scherzi No. 1 and No. 3 at Fine Music’s live broadcast event.

“It shall be a pleasure to take part in the Live from the Joan concert… a wonderful way to share the music I love,” he tells Fine Music.

In regard to his chosen repertoire, Willems says: “These are dramatic and colourful and show off the beautiful Bosendorfer in the hall, which has a great acoustic.

“I have recorded a CD for Fine Music in this venue and was smitten with the beautiful atmosphere of the hall.”

Willems was actually the Patron of Fine Music some years ago and has since become a sponsor as he believes in the organisation’s mission of sharing fine music.

Fine Music actively supports numerous local artists and gives them the opportunity to bring their music to a large listenership through airplay of their albums, interviews and live performances.

Capture.JPG“The Idea of North has been performing now for 23 years and it’s this kind of support that has helped us with our vocation,” says the a cappella vocal ensemble’s bass, Andrew Piper.

“Over the years we have enjoyed working with the dedicated team of presenters and crew on a number of projects.

“Personally, I have even had the opportunity to present my very own weekly jazz program called A Twist of Jazz back in 2012 and our soprano presents her own weekly jazz program, Friday Night Jazz Session with Sally Cameron.”

Piper says the Live from the Joan event, provides the group with the “best of both worlds”.

“We will perform to a live audience as well as have our music broadcast to the Fine Music listeners.

“Having an audience to work with creates the opportunity for an exciting concert, as I believe a performance is a two-way relationship between the audience and the performer.”

Capture.JPGAt Live From The Joan, the group will showcase a couple of songs from its 12th album entitled Ballads, along with some more up-tempo and light-hearted repertoire to balance out the concert.

“Who knows, you might even get to hear a Michael Jackson number,” says Piper.

– Paula Wallace

This article appeared in the June edition of Fine Music Magazine – you can subscribe to our monthly magazineand have it posted to your home or business or click the link here to read online.


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